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*these rounds are not provided in capsules* introducing ainslie bullion's latest masterpiece - the 1/2oz ainslie minted silver round, a symbolic expre...


Smallest SMSF Compliant Bullion

1/2oz Ainslie Minted Silver Round

*These rounds are not provided in capsules* 

Introducing Ainslie Bullion's latest masterpiece - the 1/2oz Ainslie Minted Silver Round, a symbolic expression of enduring wealth. This stunning piece seamlessly blends artistry with 9999 pure silver investment.

The obverse of the coin features a beautifully crafted tree, an emblem of growing wealth and prosperity. The tree's intricate detailing represents the fortitude of silver as a store of value, and the resilience it brings to an investment portfolio. Circling the rim, the coin bears a thought-provoking phrase, "REAL MONEY BEYOND THE RESET – THE SILVER STANDARD". This statement pays homage to the timeless value of silver and its steadfast role even amidst the unpredictable economic resets.

The reverse side of the coin proudly showcases Ainslie Bullion's iconic logo, synonymous with trust and quality. This is gracefully accompanied by the coin's weight and 99.99% purity - certifying its authenticity and inherent value.

This 1/2oz Silver Round is not merely a tangible asset, but a narrative of the enduring value of silver - making it an ideal addition to any investor's collection. Discover the power of the Silver Standard and embrace real money beyond the reset with this extraordinary silver coin.

Ainslie Bullion, established in 1974, has been a trusted name in the precious metals industry for decades. Our commitment to transparent and fair dealings, coupled with competitive pricing, has elevated us to become one of Australia's largest bullion dealers. The Ainslie difference becomes evident as soon as you step into our Brisbane or Melbourne offices. You'll find a professional setup, a spacious and comfortable waiting room displaying our full range of bullion products. Enter our high-level security area, where you'll be guided to your own private consultant and office space to discuss your needs and view our products directly. Our experienced, friendly consultants aim to make the entire process easy and relaxed for you. With our expansive operation scale, we offer the broadest range of bullion products at competitive prices. Additionally, we provide the capacity to buy back large quantities of bullion and settle immediately.

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