Posted on 07/12/2023 | 288 Views

In this latter part of 2023, Bitcoin achieved a noteworthy milestone by crossing the significant US$40k mark. This achievement not only highlights the

Posted on 05/12/2023 | 298 Views

Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a significant upward trajectory, achieving new heights in 2023. In the late hours of Monday, the leading cryptocurrency reac

Posted on 30/11/2023 | 462 Views

In the Ethereum ecosystem, the staking pool has undergone a noticeable transformation starting in October, marked by an uptick in validator exits. Thi

Posted on 28/11/2023 | 640 Views

Bitcoin's Dramatic Dip The active supply of both Bitcoin and Ethereum has plummeted to record lows… again. Data sourced from The Block p

Posted on 23/11/2023 | 335 Views

Currently, a staggering 83.6% of Bitcoin's supply is in profit, a figure echoing the near-all-time highs of November 2021. This reluctance of long

Posted on 21/11/2023 | 655 Views

The cryptocurrency landscape is undergoing a notable shift, as evidenced by the latest data insights from The Block. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of

Posted on 16/11/2023 | 380 Views

Today, we reflect on the tumultuous events that unfolded a year ago with the collapse of FTX. This significant chapter in crypto history was marked by

Posted on 14/11/2023 | 785 Views

Currently, we're witnessing a remarkable tightening in Bitcoin's supply, reaching levels previously unseen. This constriction of supply might

Posted on 09/11/2023 | 540 Views

In the current market, Bitcoin's supply is tighter than ever, with Long-Term Holders clutching onto their coins, signalling a period of significan

Posted on 07/11/2023 | 756 Views

The digital currency space recently experienced an exhilarating boost, particularly for Ripple's native token, XRP, which saw an impressive uptick

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