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100oz ainslie silver stacker bar. these beautiful precision machined bars originate from scottsdale refinery in the usa. the unique design incorporate...


Stunning, Serialised & Exclusive to Ainslie

100oz Ainslie Silver Stacker Bar

100oz Ainslie Silver Stacker Bar. These beautiful precision machined bars originate from Scottsdale refinery in the USA. The unique design incorporates bevelled, interlocking edges that make it easy to create neat rows that will fit perfectly in your deposit box or safe. The Ainslie Bullion logo and text is precision-stamped and the surface is highly polished, giving the stackers a clean uniform lustrous look.

An anti-forgery swirl pattern on the back and micro reeding to sides also add to the good looks and exclusivity of this item. One of the few bars on the market to be ISO 9001-2008 Certified and individually serial numbered for added security and peace of mind.

For more info see 'Silver Stackers' under the Bullion Information heading above.
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$5087 AUD

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