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1/2 oz ainslie gold bullion. the 1/2 oz ainslie gold bar is the smallest size bar available in the ainslie bullion range. a great option available to ...


Great entry level investor bar

1/2oz Ainslie Gold Bullion

1/2 oz Ainslie Gold Bullion. The 1/2 oz Ainslie gold bar is the smallest size bar available in the Ainslie Bullion range. A great option available to a first time investor in gold. The 1/2 oz Ainslie gold Bars are cast bars and each piece has a slightly unique surface pattern. Each gold bar is struck with the Ainslie Bullion logo, along with its weight and purity.

Gold is known for its portability, and the ½ ounce for its size really packs a punch. There is a surprising amount of value packed in each almost spherical bar. They fit easily into wallets and purses as they are a similar size to regular coins. For those wanting to have smaller sizes that can be converted to cash in smaller amounts than full ounces, this is the perfect option.  

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$1861 AUD

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