Crypto Uptober – Will It Continue?

Posted on 02/11/2023 | 569 Views

Today we take a closer look at the encouraging performance of the cryptocurrency market in 2023, with a special focus on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and their remarkable outperformance of traditional assets. BTC has soared, outpacing gold by an impressive 93%, while ETH has made significant strides as well, outperforming gold by 39%. This exceptional growth speaks volumes about the growing investor confidence and the robust position of these digital assets in the current financial landscape.

The market has also shown resilience, with BTC and ETH both experiencing less severe corrections than in previous cycles. This is indicative of strong investor support and consistent positive capital inflows, showcasing the market's stability and the sustained interest of investors. Moreover, while we're witnessing the first significant appreciation of the “Altseason indicator” against USD since the cycle peak, Bitcoin's dominance remains unshaken. Its market capitalisation has surged by 110% YTD, reaffirming its strong standing in the market.

In recent weeks, the Bitcoin price has experienced a remarkable rally, surging by over 30%. This surge is attributed in part to positive developments in Bitcoin ETF applications with the SEC, marking a significant stride for the cryptocurrency space. The performance of digital assets, particularly BTC and ETH, has been nothing short of impressive, especially when compared to commodities, precious metals, equities, and bonds in 2023. These digital assets are not only outperforming traditional asset classes but also experiencing shallower drawdowns compared to their previous cycles.

When we look at the performance of BTC and ETH in terms of gold denomination, the results are even more striking. BTC has appreciated by 93% relative to gold this year, while ETH has seen a 39% increase in value when measured in the same terms. This phenomenal performance is catching the eye of traditional investors, showcasing the resilience and attractiveness of digital assets as a viable investment option amidst global uncertainties.

Naturally, while we consistently advocate for the inclusion of gold in one’s investment portfolio as the quintessential hedge, it’s impossible to overlook the parallel role digital assets, particularly Bitcoin, are beginning to play. Much like gold, Bitcoin has demonstrated its ability to act as a store of value, especially in times of economic uncertainty. This dual strength, showcased both in traditional assets like gold and in digital currencies, provides investors with diversified options to safeguard and enhance their portfolios, marrying the reliability of the old with the innovation and potential of the new.

Overall, the market implications of these trends are profound. Digital assets are demonstrating not just their resilience, but also their potential to offer attractive returns, signalling a possible shift in investor sentiment and diversification strategies. This positive momentum lays a strong foundation for the continued growth and acceptance of digital assets in the wider financial ecosystem.



Assessments of digital asset strength, particularly focusing on Ethereum (ETH), reveal a robust performance amidst macro uptrends and corrections, utilising comparisons against both USD and BTC for a comprehensive analysis. Ethereum has demonstrated considerable resilience, particularly noticeable in its trading performance against the USD. After facing disruptions from events like the 3AC, Celcius, and LUNA-UST collapse, Ethereum found a cycle low in June 2022. The most substantial correction was observed at -44% during the FTX failure, yet Ethereum has managed to maintain its position, currently trading at just -26% below its 2023 high of $2,118. This showcases a stronger performance compared to its previous cycles.

In comparison with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum continues to showcase stability. Bitcoin's most significant correction in 2023 was recorded at -20.1%, with more substantial drawdowns noted in its previous bull and bear markets. The assessment also extends to the ETH/BTC ratio and capital rotation, providing further insights. Currently, Ethereum's performance relative to Bitcoin has seen a 38% drawdown, persisting over 470 days of Ethereum's depreciation against Bitcoin. This trend highlights a prolonged period of Bitcoin's dominance, particularly noticeable post-bear market conditions.

These observations underline Ethereum’s tenacity and strength, especially when assessed against USD. Bitcoin’s sustained dominance, especially in periods following bear markets, becomes apparent. 

In concluding our discussion, it's clear that the digital asset market has carved a path of impressive returns throughout 2023, transitioning smoothly from a phase of recovery to a more pronounced uptrend. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have been at the forefront of this stability, experiencing less severe market corrections than in previous cycles, a positive sign of robust investor support and a consistent influx of capital.

The altcoin sector is not left behind, showcasing a substantial increase in market valuations, and marking the first significant rise since the last cycle peak. When we turn our gaze to performance relative to fiat currencies, particularly the USD, the improvements are even more pronounced.

Despite the flourishing altcoin market, Bitcoin continues to assert its dominance in the digital asset landscape, with its market capitalisation witnessing a staggering surge of over 110% YTD. This harmonious growth across various digital assets and the stability showcased by market leaders like BTC and ETH paints a promising picture for the future, pointing towards a healthier, more resilient digital asset environment.


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