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Buy Crypto in Australia with Ainslie

Ainslie offers a simple and easy-to-use brokerage service for buying and trading crypto in Australia. Our platform is perfect for those new to the market, as we take care of the technical details and offer a range of tools and resources to help you make informed decisions.

As the only place in the world where you can seamlessly trade between crypto and precious metals, Ainslie is the perfect platform for diversifying your portfolio and protecting your profits.

Contact an Ainslie Consultant today to get started and take advantage of the growing crypto market.

Buying Crypto With Ainslie

Step 1. Browse Products.  Browse our range of cryptocurrency products through our website and set up your storage account.

Step 2. Register for an AUDD Digital account and add funds to your account.

Step 3. Place your order. Our consultants are available during office hours to complete your purchase or sales, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 4. Pay For Your Purchase. We'll issue an invoice, which you can pay for using your AUDD funds.

Step 5. Receive Your Crypto. Your cryptocurrency will be sent to your storage account and secured in a segregated wallet. You can contact us any time to sell your cryptocurrency.



Why Choose Ainslie

Securely Buy Crypto In Australia

It is easy to buy Crypto in Australia with Ainslie. Our personalised crypto broker service ensures that the entire process is simple and easy for you. Ainslie's Consultants are always available to answer any questions you have and walk you through your crypto investing journey.

Follow these simple steps to start buying Crypto:

  1. Verify your ID with Ainslie's quick and easy online identity portal
  2. Register for an AUDD Digital account and add funds to your account
  3. Contact an Ainslie Consultant online, over the phone or email to discuss your order and place your trade. Your Ainslie Consultant will lock in the best live price possible
  4. Pay for you trade - we will email you a tax invoice with payment options

That's it! Simple.

Can I Buy Crypto In My SMSF?

Yes you can! Ainslie are the best choice for purchasing Crypto for your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). 

Setting up an SMSF is crucial in being able to invest in cryptocurrency. A SMSF, much like crypto, is also 'outside the system', meaning it would protect you from any Government enforced rules on standard superannuation.

As the main vehicle for saving and preserving your wealth in your retirement, the cornerstone strategy of any super fund must be balance. Allocating a small amount of your SMSF into crypto could prove to be your best investment in your comfortable retirement.

Learn more about crypto in your SMSF here.

How To Store Crypto

Our world-class crypto custody service guarantees the safety of your investment, meaning you can sleep soundly knowing your assets are in good hands.

Learn more about our Lifetime Storage here.